What is the purpose of KCSEA?

  • To establish, operate, and maintain, without profit to the corporation, or its members, a state association to advance, educate and improve effort of federal, state, and local governments and their employees in the field of reciprocal and family support enforcement; to ensure effective implementation of family support laws and the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act and Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, as amended; to further a good working relationship between state and local agencies, public officers, attorneys, legislators, and judges to work in the field of family law and family support and to afford participants an opportunity to discuss problems and propose solutions of common interests;
  • To provide information, educational workshops, seminars, and conferences to facilitate public relations and public awareness of child support enforcement programs and family law related issues;
  • To develop procedures and programs, provide specialized services relative to child and family support and related subjects; to conduct and encourage promotion of such programs;
  • To promote policies that will facilitate and improve child and family support programs and procedures;
  • To serve as a resource for public and legislative information and to suggest support legislation that will improve family law concerns and to improve child and family support programs and procedures;
  • To work in conjunction with the National Child Support Enforcement Association in order that we might share information an educational techniques;
  • To solicit and accept funding, grants, and contributions from public units and agencies, private foundations, and others to support it's programs; and,
  • To initiate any lawful activity necessary or convenient in connection with any of the foregoing purposes or powers enumerated in the Kansas Corporation code.