Helpful Child Support Enforcement Links
ERICSA is the Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Association and is for ERICSA is for all states east of the Mississippi.
WICSEC is the Western Interstate Child Support Enforcement Council and is for all states west of the Mississippi.
This is the main website for the State of Kansas, Social and Rehabilitation Services. Specific information regarding Divisions of SRS, Area Offices, Manuals, Policies, and Operations of the agency may be found on this website.
The Kansas Payment Center collects and disburses all child support, maintenance, and other support-related payments. Child Support Payments that were previously processed by Clerks of the District Court are now processed thru Kansas Payment Center. - Child Support Guidelines
The Kansas Child Support Guidelines are the basis for establishing and reviewing child support orders in the district courts in Kansas, including cases settled by agreement of the parties. Judges and hearing officers must follow the guidelines.
NCSEA (National Child Support Enforcement Association) is the nonprofit, membership organization representing the child support community - a workforce of over 60,000. NCSEA's mission is to promote the well-being of children through professional development of its membership, advocacy and public awareness. NCSEA's membership includes line/managerial/executive child support staff; state and local agencies; judges; court masters; hearing officers; government and private attorneys; social workers; advocates; corporations that partner with government to provide child support services and private collection firms.
This is the website for the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, housed under the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration of Children and Families. Additional information about ACF, the services provided and their policies and procedures may be found on this website.
This website houses information on the Interstate Roster and Referral Guide. The user may inquire information specific to each state such as Age of Majority or Income Withholding Order laws. This site also contains information about each state relating to the CSENet 2000 Interchange Agreement.