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Message from the 2014-2015 KCSEA Board of Directors

This is the time of year when typically we would be gearing up for conference and looking forward to renewing friendships, making new professional connections, and learning about changes in child support enforcement.  However, after much discussion over the last several months, the Kansas Child Support Enforcement Board of Directors has made a very difficult decision.   Due to financial constraints and the uncertainty of current budgets, KCSEA will not be holding the traditional two day conference in 2015.  

But don’t fret!  The KCSEA Board of Directors is committed to its mission of educating and advancing the efforts of federal, state, and local governments and their employees in their field of child support establishment and enforcement.

The KCSEA Board of Directors views “The Enforcer” as the perfect medium to assist in the sharing of knowledge and experiences in the child support community.  Through a quarterly edition of “The Enforcer”, we will continue to provide you informational and educational articles to facilitate public relations and public awareness of child support related programs.     

The KCSEA Scholarship Committee will continue offering a monetary award to a qualified individual who is interested in continuing education.  The Board of Directors believes strongly in the Jim Robertson Scholarship Fund and is pleased to continue this opportunity.  For additional information, please refer to “The Enforcer” or the KCSEA Website at

In addition, the Nominations and Awards Committee will continue to honor individuals for their hard work and dedication to the child support program.  Additional information regarding the awards provided and how to nominate deserving individuals may be found in “The Enforcer” or the KCSEA Website at    

All current KCSEA memberships will be extended through 2016 with no additional fees or dues.  The Board of Directors will remain the same.  Anyone wishing to make a voluntary donation to the scholarship fund or to the general KCSEA fund may certainly do so.  Please contact the KCSEA Treasurer, Jessica Dieckhoff at 913-210-7981 or mail to Jessica’s attention at 500 N Rogers Rd, Ste 100, Olathe, Ks 66062 to make a much welcomed contribution.   

The Board of Directors encourages its membership to continue to be involved and feel a part of the organization.    One way to stay connected is to share your collection stories.  Stories may be unique or humorous in nature.  The Board would like to include them in “The Enforcer”.  Please email your story to any of the Board members listed below.    

The KCSEA Organization remains alive and well and is still here to be of service. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work thru this time of financial uncertainty.